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Choosing to pursue an MBBS degree abroad offers numerous advantages that can significantly impact one’s medical career. Firstly, many countries abroad provide high-quality medical education with advanced infrastructure and technology, ensuring students receive comprehensive training. Additionally, studying abroad exposes students to diverse cultures and healthcare systems, broadening their perspective and enhancing their adaptability, essential skills in today’s globalized world. Moreover, some foreign universities offer lower tuition fees and living costs compared to domestic institutions, making medical education more accessible. Furthermore, studying abroad may provide opportunities for internships, research collaborations, and networking with professionals from around the world, enriching students’ learning experiences and expanding their professional connections. Overall, choosing to pursue an MBBS degree abroad opens doors to a wealth of opportunities, enriching students both academically and personally.

MBBS Abroad consultant

We Only Help In UNIVERSITIES That Follow Complete NMC GAZETTE.

AIEH is leading MBBS Abroad Consultant Provides complete Admission guidance for MBBS Abroad for MBBS
Admission abroad in top medical Universities and colleges throughout the world that Follow NMC standards as per NEW NMC Gazette issued in 2022.

Globally Recognized Universities

MBBS In Abroad Acknowledged By:-

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Counsil Of India (NMC)
  • Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG)
  • World Federation Of Medical Education (WFME)
  • Minister Of Education (Concerned Country)
  • Foundation Of Advancement Of International Medical And Research (FAIMER) 

Are You Worried About MBBS INDIA Vs MBBS ABROAD, Which One Is Better?

We have an answer for you! TOP FACTS about MBBS ABROAD.

Low Tution Fee

The Study Of MBBS in another country is much less expensive than studying in MBBS India with the fees being at least 10 lakhs for the whole MBBS course. AIEH will help you locate low cost MBBS abroad universities like;

  • MBBS Under 15 Lakhs
  • MBBS Under 20 Lakhs
  • MBBS Under 25 Lakhs


The tuition fees at the college will be paid in monthly/Quarterly/yearly installments. This means that you don’t need to pay for the entire cost in one go.

LOW NEET SCORE Required for MBBS Abroad

In comparison to India, the minimum marks needed to apply for MBBS abroad are very low. The cutoff for studying abroad is approx 120-140 marks for general category and 108-120 marks for SC/ST/OBC, respectively, as compared to India where around above 300 marks are required for good Indian medical colleges.

NMC and WHO approved Medical University

The medical Universities in Abroad have been NMC and WHO certified. Students are eligible to perform their medical practice at any time in India as well as any other nation, subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria.

No Hidden Cost

The service and assistance offered through AIEH Overseas is 100% authentic. There are no hidden costs or information when you contract with AIEH Overseas. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our services. We share all expenditure in the very first The university’s meeting ike: administrative costs, transport fee, accommodation fee, health and travel insurance, idea about food/ mess cost, etc each and every single charges to get and fare idea about yearly MBBS cost you in abroad.

MBBS Admission in the Top Ranked Universities 2023-2024

AIEH will help you gain admission to the best universities to study MBBS in Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Poland, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan etc. In order to ensure that Indian students get a high-quality medical education, cutting-edge methods of teaching, high-quality infrastructure, comfortable lodging in hostels, English medical curriculum, internationally recognized curriculum, internationally recognized medical degrees.

Scholarship Provided On Merit Basis

Students may be awarded monetary rewards depending on their achievements in the universities, specifically in China. Apart from this Cost of living in Germany is surprisingly cheap compared with other countries within the EU or the United States. MBBS courses in Germany are totally free if you have the aid of a grant. The medical schools in Germany have excellent hospitals for the practical portion of the course. 100% scholarship in MBBS Itly.

Students Are Highly Safe And Secure

There’s economic, political and personal security for the citizens of Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal and China. Students are secured and protected in other countries. It is not a matter of discrimination within these countries and students are at peace in their hostels or in other accommodation. The majority of Indian students who are pursuing higher education abroad select countries that offer student-friendly facilities such as those of the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Germany, as their place of study.

International Exposure

Apart from MBBS course, taking a semester abroad can be a valuable experience for the student, as they discovers a new place and adjusts to the new surroundings. The world-wide environment makes a student conscious of time and more sensitive to other cultures around the world and makes it easy to accept. This ability is essential when studying in abroad or working with people of different cultures in a globe.

Discover 8 top destinations for Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad, featuring affordable tuition fees and living expenses

Country NameAverage MBBS Fee (INR/per annum)
United KingdomINR 30 to 70 L
United StatesINR 20L to 60L
ChinaINR 5 to 12 L
GermanyINR 30L to 50L
AustraliaINR 30L to 50L
SwedenINR 6 to 15 L
RussiaINR 15L to 30L
PolandINR 10L to 20

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Our consultants boast extensive knowledge and experience in facilitating MBBS programs abroad, guiding students through every step of the process with precision and insight.

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We prioritize individualized support, tailoring our services to each student's unique needs, aspirations, and circumstances to ensure a smooth and successful transition to studying medicine abroad.

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From university selection and application assistance to visa guidance and pre-departure preparations, we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at simplifying the journey of MBBS overseas.

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